Admissions, A film for world peace, starring James Cromwell

Discussion Guide


Download Admissions Discussion Guide

This Admissions Discussion Guide is a companion piece to the film and provides questions that explore the film’s primary themes including:

  1. The importance of forgiveness in resolving conflict and the wisdom of transcending the cycle of attack and counter-attack in our world.
  2. Raising awareness about how we create our own heavens and hells on earth and inside our own minds.
  3. Discovering new ways to look at events and relationships in our lives that will help us choose love rather than fear.

This guide includes:

  1. Pre-screening and post-screening questions designed to measure the film’s impact and deepen the audience’s understanding of its core principles.
  2. Dramatic excerpts from Admissions that present transformational teachings followed by discussion questions that delve into their deeper meaning.
  3. An introduction to and The Global Alliance for Ministries & Infrastructures for Peace for those who want to become more involved with creating peace on earth.